Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB)

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Ad Locations

Connect travelers with your message in one or more of the great ad locations offered at LWB, including lobby sponsorship, bag claim, main entrance, and corridors. We can help identify the right location for your top audience and will make suggestions for creative ways to help your message stand out.


With more than 55,000 visitors and passengers traveling through LWB annually, your message has the potential to reach both local travelers and inbound visitors from around the globe. That translates to over 1,000 people every week, or more than 150 per day.

Regional Info

With its scenic golf courses, breathtaking landscape, and iconic Greenbrier Valley Hotel, LWB is your ticket to experience all the area has to offer.


Weekly flight departures

Passengers served annually

Minutes at the airport per person

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Travelers Who Use LWB

Business Travelers:
Leisure Travelers:
Baby Boomers + Older:
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Dozens of Ad Locations

Thousands of Impressions

6 Reasons to Choose Airport Advertising


Dwell Time

That’s airport lingo for the amount of time airport passengers spend in the terminal prior to departure, and the industry average is at least two hours.

High Value Audience

Travelers have high household incomes and the power to make purchasing decisions for personal and business purposes.

Tons of Impressions

With more than 55,000 passengers and visitors annually, your message has the potential to reach over 1,000 people every week.


Locals and Visitors

Reach Greenbriar Valley area residents and those visiting the region for business or pleasure. The airport is the region’s front door and your message could be one of the first they see.


Graphic Design Support

No designer? No problem. Our team of in-house design experts can help you nail your message with stand-out ad design that will catch the attention of your potential customers.


Options for Every Budget

Think advertising in an airport is too expensive? Think again. From traditional backlit displays to digital and interactive options, there are options for every budget.


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